Bitcoin & Blockchain Developers Set for Prague Conference

Published March 27, 2016 by Sol FH

Bitcoin & Blockchain Developers Set for Prague Conference

Prague hosting the upcoming European Bitcoin Conference on May 19 with special presentations by blockchain developers.

Crypto-currency has become a multi-billion dollar industry and more and more online gaming operators are offering Bitcoin as an accepted transaction method. Bitcoin is so popular that there is a string of conferences around Europe, focusing on the newest financial trend. On Saturday, May 19, the Bitcoin Conference will take place in Prague, bringing together developers with iGaming operators, bankers, economists and businesspersons.

Blockchain Under the Magnifying Glass

Blockchain technology is a chain of Bitcoin system transactions that also has incredible applications for the transferring of data. The event will take a closer look at Blockchain technology and its cyber-security, while answering important questions about Bitcoin transactions. The main conference will be divided into two segments. It will also feature presentations by IT developers that work in the field of Blockchain. Participants will be able to learn the ins and outs of personal data protection and how they can safeguard themselves against cybercrime.

Other hot topics at the Bitcoin conference will be by numerous payments services, along with new gadgetry in the field. Conference guests will learn about the legislative regulations across Europe regarding Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology also has great applications for financial transparency, as developers have realized that it makes it much easier to receive state agency certification and creates a far-more transparent tax system. Every user knows exactly where every dime of his/her money goes.

Bitcoin Across Europe

This coming conference is part of a string of European bitcoin events that have taken place in Moscow, St. Petersberg and Kiev. Moving to Prague for this round is a strategic decision based on the growing demand for inside information about Bitcoin and its applications for online gambling. The Czech gambling industry is growing rapidly and major brands have already taken notice.

Bitcoin and Blockchain technology are already in practice across Europe. Purchasing goods and services, deposits to online casinos and sportsbooks, and other uses for IT-enthusiasts.

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