Bitcoin Starts 2017 With a Big Bang

Published January 2, 2017 by Sol FH

Bitcoin Starts 2017 With a Big Bang

The popular crypto-currency has hit new highs and is expected to continue to skyrocket.

When Bitcoin started out a few years ago, it was easy to see that it was going to be a success, but few people really knew how big and how fast. After the first day of trading for 2017, Bitcoin's worth topped $1,000 (exactly $1010.96 at the time of this article) and it does not look like it will slow down anytime soon.

Many people that were skeptics of the futuristic currency have begun to quickly buy in at a terrific pace now that Bitcoin is continuing to rise and for the fact that it is accepted at an increasing number of online shops, online casinos and other online gambling sites, is more reason than ever to get into it now.

Projections state that Bitcoin is not done rising and it should go even higher than its peak from November 2013 of $1,165. Some experts even say that it will go on above $2,000 per unit. That would be an incredible increase to the already high value that Bitcoin has achieved and it would definitely mean even more eager investors buying into what many people say is the future of money. 

An Important Year for Bitcoin

2017 will be a telling year for Bitcoin and what it will be worth. It could have hit a rough spot during the year, but that is not expected. The biggest Bitcoin markets like China, the US and Europe are responsible for its dramatic rise, also due to rising interest rates and the interesting American elections have all done their share to help the increase in value. Spectators see Bitcoin as a new gold, a safe financial instrument that will continue to grow and escape its associations to money laundering and other criminal activity. 

iGaming has been instrumental in the growth of the currency with a record amount of Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin sportsbooks now accepting it as a preferred way to pay. Some known brands include BitCasino, Coin Palace Casino and VegasCasino.

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