Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Ushers in New Era of Cryptocurrency

Published May 5, 2016 by Lee R

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Ushers in New Era of Cryptocurrency

Finds out how to benefit from vital blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Prague.

Europe will soon host a historical space for communication among future business partners, colleagues and all new members of the emerging cryptocurrency community at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague on May 19th

Goings On

The conference is scheduled to cover the latest and hottest topics of the year, and will include forecasts, analysis, and the best deals for work with cryptocurrencies. The exhibition area will offer attendees the opportunity to get acquainted with market leaders and new visionaries in this intriguing market, and obtain first hand information from market leaders. 

Prospects Update

The conference will discuss what to expect and what to be afraid of for 2016, as well as the future prospects for blockchaining. The conference will examine whether cryptocurrency security is a myth or achievable reality, as well as look at the investment climate and international evidence so far regarding the course of regulation. And of course a closer look will be taken at the place of Bitcoin in gambling

Coinpit's Rao

One speaker of particular interest is leading trading platform Coinpit Inc. founder Bharath Rao. In a presentation titled “Application of cryptotechnology and Bitcoin,” Rao will share his insights from ten years experience of Wall Street trading and executive positions to talk about the benefits of blockchain technologies. The key early benefit of blockchaining has proven to be the enabling of authorization without log-in and registration. 

Important Blockchain Discussion 

Representatives from cryptocurrency equipment manufacturer HashCoins will speak about practical implementation of blockchain technology. HashCoins Partner relations manager Edgar Bers will be one of the featured speakers. Bers will demonstrate how his company focuses on innovative technologies to support a decentralized Bitcoin network. 

Mining Technology

The prospects of the mining industry will be highlighted in separate reports. The technology of interest is HashFlare technology which allows users to participate in mining without extensive knowledge of cryptotechnologies and minimizes user risks without requiring extensive investment. 


Vital knowledge will kick off with a vital discussion entitled Bitcoin and Blockchain: Prospects and Trends, which looks at blockchains in the context of a decentralized future addressing the technology of next century via blockchaining technology. 

Other workshop topics covered will include investing in Bitcoin; the Integration and use of Bitcoin for Cross Border Payments; Innovations on the Base of Blockchain Technologies; Practical Blockchain Technology Implementation (led by Bers); Innovations on the Base of Blockchain Technologies; Mining Industry Development Prospects Based on HashFlare; and Using the Cryptotechnology in Bitcoin.

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