Blockchain and Bitcoin Stockholm Give the World a Chance to Harness Sweden

Published August 6, 2018 by Lee R

Blockchain and Bitcoin Stockholm Give the World a Chance to Harness Sweden

The diversity of speakers is driving interest for Sweden’s premier blockchain event.

There is a glittering speaker list taking shape for Sweden’s blockchain conference.

Coming Up in Fall

Always an intriguing economic region, it’s time on September 11th to find out what the status of Swedish regulation and adaptation is. 

As an international coordinator of business events, Smile-Expo has organized the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Stockholm to drive attention to the most topical challenges facing the cryptocurrency market today, and Sweden provides no more ideal forum or market.

Sundin Leads Speakers

A diverse range of high level experts will be on hand to deliver the powerful message of Sweden’s blockchain, starting with Swedish Parliament member Thomas Sundin speaking about  his participation in the Tax Committee and the Finance Committee.

Sundin’s qualifications include to this point co-founding the innovative technology organization Warp Institute and active participation in financial company Goobit.


Event attendees can look forward to Sundin’s analysis of the power of decentralized systems, which will be focused on long-term strengths in sustaining greater financial systems and markets.

Integrating into Real Estate

Another presentation will be provided by Landshypotek Digital and Innovation leader Bank Merete Salmeling, who will discuss the advantages of integrating Decentralised Ledger Technology DLT into real estate.

Token Innovation

Another luminary coming to the dance is Europe Blockchain and Alliance President Tanja Bivic Plankar. Tnaja will bring her initial coin offerings expertise to discuss innovations in the token sale sphere and local regulatory network. 

Legal Challenges

Yet another highly insightful discussion will be available in the form of PwC Partner and Leader Dr. Guenther Dobraus-Salpadenna’s discussion on regulatory and legal challenges coming from the accomplished lawyer, VC investor, and banking specialist who already has completed 10 books on innovative processes, money and technology.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm represents the second crypto event in Sweden carried out by Smile-Expo after previously hosting 40 successful crypto conferences across 25 countries.


This represents just a short list of all speakers scheduled for Blockchain and Bitcoin Stockholm, and the full list of speakers may not be finalized until the final moments before the show, so getting in position to hear these insights for the first time will provide vital entry into the Swedish market for all iGaming industry leaders seeking to get a leg up.

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