Bold Players in the India Gaming Market are Setting the Table for a Flourishing iGaming Marketplace

Published April 3, 2021 by Lee R

Bold Players in the India Gaming Market are Setting the Table for a Flourishing iGaming Marketplace

Demand in India is savvy, with mobile tech investment indicating strong potential for rapid iGaming growth.

The formation of India’s online gaming industry market is picking up speed and momentum in 2021.

Market Size

Already expected to reach a valuation of $2.3 billion in 2023, the attractive market is expanding to meet those ambitious projections.


The development of India’s mobile gaming ecosystem continued to evolve during the lockdown, particularly with people stuck at home in need of entertainment options and also with the time to develop technology accordingly.

Mobile Game Market

There are now some 365 million mobile game users in the country, raising the value of the local mobile game user market to some US$1.2 billion.

Tech Landscape

India's market growth has been driven by higher quality games and low data while penetration of smartphone ownership and 4G networks continue.

Fantasy Gaming Market

A fantasy gaming market is also taking hold in India, led by names such as Dream11, with Nazara Technologies considered a key new entrant after its recent IPO launch.

Nazara Involvement

Multinational Nazara burst upon the India gaming scene five years ago, through the eSports market's Nodwin Gaming. Nazara has since over invested upwards of INR3 billion (US$42 million) in mobile gaming projects in India.

Beyond eSports, Nazara's offerings include subscription-based interactive gaming and gamified early learning ecosystems.

India Crowd

Coupled with the aforementioned development, India market figures indicate a voracious appetite for a diverse range of video game offerings, various kinds of video games. Data from video delivery and edge cloud services provider Limelight Networks indicates that the average Indian video game player spends 8.5 hours each week playing, with over 60 percent responding that they have played games for three consecutive hours or more.

Research Director Speaks

Of the data, Limelight Network County Director Ashwin Rao identified social interactions, improved game performance, and latency-free environments as standards India gamers have come to expect.

Rao characterised the current task facing new entrants into India including iGaming companies as keeping pace with the digital transformation of the India landscape and meeting accelerating demand.


The aforementioned engagement standards would appear to translate to iGaming as well. If iGaming operators are up to the challenge, they can gain footholds in the attractive emerging multi-billion dollar market that India represents.

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