BOSS Gaming Agrees to Integrate Praxis Cashier Software

Published July 23, 2019 by Mike P

BOSS Gaming Agrees to Integrate Praxis Cashier Software

Praxis Gaming is going to provide the BOSS Gaming platform with financial software intended to make deposits more efficient and minimise risks.

BOSS Gaming has announced a July 2019 agreement that will see the software provider acquire financial technology support from Praxis Cashier. Moving forward, BOSS will have the ability to utilise Praxis Cashier software to support financial transactions.

The Malta-based enterprise is known for developing BOSS Platform, which does not just provide operators with an online casino and sportsbook, but support functions as well. Chiefly, there is a back-office for managing user accounts and also a cashier platform to process payments.

Smart Routing

Praxis Cashier is expected to undergo a process of integrating its software with the existing BOSS Platform. The benefits are expected to be numerous, with BOSS citing faster transactions and an improved user experience as two of the most notable.

In the future, all credit card transactions shall be routed smartly by directing bank identification numbers (BINs) to the ideal processors. Settings will also be applied to decrease fraud, while tools are in place to minimise risk exposure when sensitive data is being passed through processors.

Targeting Boost in Deposits

The design of Praxis Cashier means that the software is connected to more than 300 global integrations with payment service providers (PSPs). As a result, BOSS will be connected with even more PSPs that can help to speed up the depositing process for players. BOSS anticipates the partnership will raise deposits by an estimated 15% in the first four months.

By coming to the BOSS platform, Praxis Cashier can provide players with over 100 options and features. Among those cited are payout rules, risk rules, unique limits, visual graphics, and more besides – clients will be able to control and modify their own cashier pages.

Cyprus-based Praxis Cashier created its software to overcome difficulties associated with processing risky transactions. In doing so, the company is typically able to improve business transaction rates by 15%, hence the target for BOSS.

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