British Horse Racing To Return Today After Equine Flu Scare

Sol FH. - February 13, 2019

After a six-day shutdown, risk-managed return scheduled for today in four spots.

There will be many people relieved to hear that UK Horseracing will be making a return today following a six-day hold since last Thursday. Due to an outbreak of the highly contagious Equine flu virus, which was found in six different horses at Douglas McCains' yard in Cheshire. 

Obviously, this type of contagion is taken very seriously, but after consulting with veterinary clinics, and testing by the Animal Health Trust, the BHA's Brant Dunshea, the Chief Regulatory Officer has confirmed that racing will be able to resume, but, with stringent biohazard security controls. 

Over the last six days, the various consulting teams analyzed thousands of different samples without any positive tests. According to the professional teams, there is no more worry about the spread, and the virus had been contained. 

Dunshea added, "Clearly, there is some risk associated with returning to racing. This risk has been assessed and, based on the evidence - and ensuring biosecurity measures are in place - the level of risk is viewed as acceptable."

The Track is Back on Track

Events will take place today at Musselburgh and Plumpton in two Jumping fixtures, but there are also two all-weather fixtures at Southwell and Kempton. 

Quite a relief for punters trying to place bets on the online betting markets offered on horseracing by various online bookmakers, who will be able to get back to betting. Odds were already posted for the four events across the UK today, and the weather seems good enough for a great day at the track. 

A major breakout of the Equine Flu could potentially decimate the horse population throughout Europe. A nasty outbreak occurred in Australia, and hundreds of horses were affected. The biggest problem with this type of influenza is the rapid pace at which it spreads. Within six days a single horse affected can quickly turn into hundreds. 

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