Broadband Gaining Strength In Pacific

Published January 9, 2003 by OCR Editor

Broadband Gaining Strength In Pacific

Perhaps it is too great of a question to ask where online gambling is headed. But here is an attempt to answer where the Pacific market is going.

IDC, a market research company, predicts that online gambling will soar in the Pacific area of Asia due to broadband internet access.

Broadband activity is sure to increase tremendously due to lower cost and the nature of competition in this arena. South Korea is a good example of the strong and growing connection being made between broadband and gaming.

Computer usage in this region is expected to grow vastly and predictions suggest that at least 100 million PC computers and 400 million cell phones will be in use by the end of 2003.

Because of the upbeat outlook for the telecommunications industry, which had a dismal down turn last year, the industry anticipates strong growth going forward as the industry upgrades its infrastructure with the support of investments.

An 11% growth spurt in the Asia Pacific and Communication technology market (ICT) is expected according to IDC, which would amount to $81 billion for the year 2003.

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