Build Your iGaming Business at the Social and Mobile Gambling Conference 2015

Published December 27, 2014 by Lee R

Build Your iGaming Business at the Social and Mobile Gambling Conference 2015

The adaptation of gambling to the online environment is a technological triumph that provides new and unique business opportunities.

Today, its no secret the average person spends an increasing amount of time on the web, which is pushing more and more business and commerce towards the web.

Online Gambling, A Tech Triumph

Gambling is no exception - in fact, iGaming is rapidly becoming one of the largest if not the largest online business today. Combining technology with protective programming, the iGaming industry in many ways represents the state of the art in adapting an industry to the web.

At the Social and Mobile Gambling Conference in Moscow March 19th--the first mobile and social network gambling event ever in the Russian Federation--attendees will be brought up to date on the current status of social and mobile gambling as well as industry prospects.

The Internet offers a new range of possibilities for gaming options, as well as optimal platforms for accessing those games, making new gaming technologies available to users on handheld devices or home computers.

Adapting Gambling to the Web for the Better

Giving millions of users the best chance to win through effective gaming technologies and innovative online jackpot systems such as progressives is all part of the adaptive marketing that has taken place to make gambling more appealing online than in casinos. With minimal operating costs and optimal user access, iGaming potentially represents a more rewarding and safer gaming environment as well.

All attendees will receive vital industry information through lectures and workshops that will focus on prevailing and future trends in the iGaming industry, how to start a business in the industry today, how to attract and engage players, how to raise one's game offerings to the top of users' preferences, and how to understand the nuances of regulatory rules and remain compliant. There will also be tremendous networking opportunities for those seeking investors and developers. Whether you are looking to grow your iGaming enterprise, or seeking to gain an initial foothold, Moscow is the place to do so, at the Social and Mobile Gambling Conference 2015.

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