Calculating Online Casino Payouts

Published November 9, 2005 by OCR Editor

Calculating Online Casino Payouts

We have already covered how to verify payouts, now let's learn how to calculate payouts when gambling on sports at the online casino. Some online casinos offer betting odds on a variety of sporting events taking place on a daily basis.

The most popular type of sports bets at the online casino is the straight bet. There are three types of sports bets available at the online casino including point spread, money-line and total. In this article, we'll teach you how to calculate the payout that each of these types of bets yields. The same as in all types of bets at the online casino, the size of the wager determines the size of the reward. The same principle also applies when betting on sports at the online casino.

When playing slots or video poker at the online casino, one refers to the payout table in order to calculate his/her winnings. The same goes for betting on sports. Most online casinos that feature sports betting also provide a payout table for calculating the profit you stand to gain by making good on your bet. The three-figured numbers that appear on the betting line (usually in brackets) indicate the payout. These numbers can appear either with a plus or a minus sign on their left.

For instance, -110 odds translate into $10 profit for every $11 you wager. This means that is you want to win %100, you'll have to wager $110. On the other hand +110 odds have a different translation, since the plus sign indicates low probability. If we put it in the context of sports, the plus sign will be attached to the odds given to the underdog team or the less likely outcome, while the minus sign will be attributed to the favorite or the more probable outcome. This is why a +110 is translated into an $11 return for every $10 wager. In this event, wagering $100 could potentially yield $110 return, if you get it right, of course.

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