Cali Internet Cafe Closures Spike Gambling Online

Published September 2, 2014 by Brett C

Cali Internet Cafe Closures Spike Gambling Online

Find out how the closure of internet cafes is increasing online gambling in the state of California.

All internet cafes in Kern County, California have now been shut down. However, many people have found a solution to these closures in the form of online internet cafes. Phillip Walker, who is an Internet Café Association of California member says it is very easy to participate in online gambling this way.

Online Internet Cafes

One Craigslist ad in Bakersfield, California provides online internet cafe gambling to players from their homes. They can collect their winnings using Western Union. Walker says that all you need to do is visit these websites, get an ID, log into the account and then you can have access to online gaming.  

However, the FBI has warned players that they should think again before they visit these online gambling websites. The FBI website states that cyber companies and casinos that allow wagering or transferring of money for the purposes of gambling is strictly against the law.

On the other hand, the rules for online Indian gaming websites and online fantasy sports leagues are not as clear.

Legality of Online Gambling

Walker says that the laws of online gaming are hazy because there are many different types of online gambling activities – some are chance-based games while others are skill-based games.  

The city council decided that it would shut down all land-based internet cafes because they were becoming a problem for the community in 2013. Councilman Russell Johnson said that these internet cafes were havens for crime, including loitering, illegal drug sales and even prostitution.

Councilman Johnson said they had to do something while they were coming up with a more long-term solution.  

The appellate court of California has already ruled that these online gambling internet cafes are illegal. However, that decision will now be reviewed by the Supreme Court of California. No matter what the Supreme Court’s decision is, it will probably not affect local laws.

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