Calls for Re-establishment of the Expert Group on Gaming Have Spread from EGBA to Member States

Published July 13, 2021 by Lee R

Calls for Re-establishment of the Expert Group on Gaming Have Spread from EGBA to Member States

The EGBA's endorsement of the Expert Group on Gaming now is being supported by member states.

As iGaming proliferates across European jurisdictions, a gap has arisen in cooperation as the only obstacle to streamlined integration.

The New Support

That is the reason 14 key EU Member States seeking specialised support of cooperation between the gambling authorities of each EU member state are calling for the EU to re-establish the Commission-mandated Expert Group on gambling.

EGBA Initiative

Announced via webinar by Dutch Gambling Authority Chairperson René Jansen, the call for coordinating approaches and techniques for regulating Europe’s gambling market supports the ongoing position of key European iGaming trade body European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA).

Previous Work

In its previous avatar, the Expert Group platform enabled gambling regulators to exchange information, share best practices and work together on joint initiatives. A key initiative the original expert group implemented was the European Commission’s 2014 Recommendation on consumer protection in online gambling.

Surprise Disbandment

Consisting of representatives from EU gaming authorities, the group was well-received and considered a success—which is why the Commission's disbanding of the group in 2018 came as a surprise.

EU Market Framework

With the worth of the massive European market estimated at €100 billion each year, the absence of the Expert Group means that no framework for regulatory cooperation at EU-level exists.

EGBA's Calls

The EGBA has been calling for reinstatement of the group for Expert Group for quite some time, so this group of member states coming out in support of formal regulatory cooperation between jurisdictions is a game-changing development.

EGBA Position

EGBA Secretary General Maarten Haijer explained his organisation's position further, saying that most of the issues facing Europe's online sector “are cross-border in nature and require common solutions.”

The Call

Haijer further established his take on the new unified message from the 14 member states:

“The message to the European Commission is clear: both gambling regulators and the sector itself are united in support of the Expert Group and call upon the Commission to reinstate the Expert Group.”


In the booming European iGaming market, the correction of this one oversight through re-establishing the Expert Group could result in accelerated growth, expansion, and adaptation of regulation across all European iGaming markets and beyond.

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