Calvin Ayre Concludes Gambling Coverage in Favor of Crypto

Published February 28, 2021 by Lee R

Calvin Ayre Concludes Gambling Coverage in Favor of Crypto

The end of gambling coverage has come at with a one page pop-up.

Billionaire gambling magnate Calvin Ayre has announced a significant and seemingly drastic pivot for his gambling industry news site content: a complete transformation to Bitcoin SV (BSV) coverage.

Full Agenda?

The move is generally being described as a surprise, but actually has to be seen as a logical step considering Ayre's ongoing major involvement with crypto.

Ayre's Crypto Background

Ayre made waves in the crypto-community by supporting Craig Wright's claims that Wright was actually Satoshi Nakamoto himself; and with Ayre's launch in 2017 of Bitcoin news, education, and conference site CoinGeek.

The Announcement

The move came quite suddenly when a splash screen on Thursday greeted Calvin Ayre viewers with a page-filling announcement of his commitment to bitcoin and crypto (well-known); followed by the announcement of a full withdrawal from gambling industry reporting (surprise).

BSV Over iGaming

Calling BSV the only cryptocurrency that “remains true to the vision Satoshi outlined in his famous white paper,” Ayre claims that his full dedication to the crypto space will reflect his previous pioneering involvement in iGaming news and industry, through not kowtowing to the “established giants of the day.”

As for iGaming Coverage..

All previous iGaming coverage will remain posted, but no new iGaming content will be added, as astonishing as that might sound to his regular readers and iGaming stakeholders in general.

About BSV

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision BSV was created by Ayre's controversial friend Wright. Ayre is committed to the belief that BSV is the path to transforming BTC from an investment vehicle to a day-to-day payment tool which can be integrated into the daily lives of all--not just bankers, investors and traders.

BSV's Supposed Advantage

A key feature of BSV supporting Ayre's hope is that BSV can process 65 transactions a second, which is over 9 times more than BTC's capability of 7 transactions per second. BSV's transaction capacity is seeking to expand exponentially in coming years as well, with Ayre primed to report on all the developments on his site.


Leaving gambling reporting in the dust, apart from emerging information on the continuing integration of decentralised currencies with online gambling. And just like that, one of iGaming's top news sites vanishes, which appears to have been the plan the whole time.

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