Can the Bengals Go 9-0 Against the Texans? Mondy Night Football

Published November 16, 2015 by Sol FH

Can the Bengals Go 9-0 Against the Texans? Mondy Night Football

Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals live tonight at 1:30 GMT.

Aside from the Bengals, there are only two other teams still remaining unbeaten in the NFL. Last night the Patriots and the Panthers won their games to go 9-0, while the Bengals must get past the struggling Texans to keep a perfect record.

The Texans are still in the hunt for a spot in this year's playoff picture, even with a dismal 3-5 record. They are however in second place of one of the worst AFC South divisions of all time. The Colts are in first place at 4-5 and the Texans could take over that spot if they get back to winning games, but the odds are stacked against them for a win tonight.

This is one of the best Bengals team's ever. They have won eight games by over 13 points, and destroyed the Browns last week with a 21-point win. They are in third place in the league for points scored at 28.6 per game, and they could go many more games with much of the same.

If the Bengals want to make like easier on themselves, they will need to get the ball away fast. Unless of course they want J.J. Watt all over their rushers and receivers. Watt is a machine, but the Bengals have been able to avoid offensive losses and turnovers, making them incredibly dynamic this year.

NFL Monday Night Betting Markets

Bet365 Sports, the famed UK-based sportsbook is offering competitive betting odds for all NFL games this year. Tonight's clash will also be featured in their Live In Play betting feed, with numerous chances for punters to capitalize on attractive bets.

The Bengals are outright favorites at 1.18, while the Texans need a prayer at 5.25. If the underdog pulls out the win tonight, it would mean a big payday for anyone taking that bet, but chances are the Bengals will dominate, so play smart.


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