Candidate for SAR Leadership Has Macau Buzzing With New Hope for Licenses

Published July 3, 2019 by Lee R

Candidate for SAR Leadership Has Macau Buzzing With New Hope for Licenses

Macau rarely has a chance to put on of their own to oversee the jurisdiction from Beijing.

The leading candidate to run the island mecca of Macau for the Chinese government for the next five years could improve the possibility for new casino licences in the near future for Macau.

Platform of Hope

After declaring his intention of candidacy for the post of SAR Chief Executive, Macau legislature head Ho Iat Seng says he will run on a platform of optimizing people’s livelihoods and diversifying development, “as well as deeply listening to society" for elections scheduled for August 25th.

National Government Interests

Iat Seng's key areas of focus include the promotion of economic diversification and a more active hand in the Chinese government's plans for the Greater Bay Area.

Rare Local Oversight

If Iat Seng wins the election he declared his candidacy for last week, a Macau native would be working more closely than ever with mainland authorities and exerting strong influence over key Macau issues such as the awarding of coveted new casino licenses.

As Beijing's leading candidate to run the island jurisdiction, Iat Seng is rumoured to have already won over the backing of Macau's political elite, and has told Reuters that he is highly interested in meeting the needs of his newest and most influential constituents:

“I will move to optimize people’s livelihoods and diversified development, as well as deeply listening to society.”

Coming in Neutral

Iat Seng currently has no direct ties to the casino industry, but his status as Macau’s only member of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress in China’s parliament is valuable to Macau residents because the Chinese national government rarely promotes a politician actually from Macau to act as SAR Chief Executive.

Change of Tide

Iat Seng's ascendancy in an election voted on by only 400 national government officials represents a unique opportunity for an official from Macau, where much resistance and restrictions have periodically been imposed from on high.


In what many call Asia's central gaming hub, the expansion of gaming licences in general as well as for IR resorts are key interests which can be pursued at close range to infuse the Macau economy, with Iat Seng positioned to exert more positive influence on the Macau government than ever before.

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