Casino Coins - Affiliate Program Gone AWOL

Published July 21, 2011 by OCR Editor

Casino Coins - Affiliate Program Gone AWOL

Casino Coins does not reply to emails. Will affiliates get paid?

Casino Coins affiliate program has been refusing new players already in May 2011. As expected, it announced its doors are closed in early July 2011.

The company went by it publicly and quite fairly, even if upsetting some affiliates who received notices under strange names, via email and major industry sites, such as CasinoAffiliatePrograms.

It promised quarterly payments, the last of which expected in August 2011.

Clean of errors? Not entirely.

Unanswered emails

Contacting Casino Coins (at email address: has proved futile. Repeated emails have gone unanswered.

Missing funds

Mysteriously, having gone to check and update my affiliate account details on the affiliate program website, as a GPWA forum contributor recommended, we found are funds reduced by over 50%, and no correlating notice of any payment done.


Affiliates cannot register to Casino Coins any longer, it's true. So a warning to affiliates seems pointless.

Not surprisingly, discussions on industry forums and alerts by industry watchdogs are quite poor and lacking the usual fury or sense of mission.

Alas, on this stage, we ask Casino Coins to address their affiliates, even as they slowly fade out, and for affiliates to speak out if they encounter similar problems. A good place to start is commenting at the bottom of this page.

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