Casino Gambling Bill Gets Delayed

Published August 30, 2009 by OCR Editor

Casino Gambling Bill Gets Delayed

Barney Frank is on a mission and it continues in 2010.

The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) remains an impediment to legalised gaming in the United States, but Barney Frank is determined to make his case. Predictions are that the bill will be debated sometime in 2010.

As the pressing issues of combating the global recession and healthcare reform have taken center stage in Congress, Frank's bill has - at least for now - been put on the backburner. But if the dogged Frank gets his way, there's no doubt that Congress will be in for a treat.

Slow and Steady
It has been acknowledged time and again of the importance of the bill reaching Congress. Proponents of the bill carry some heft lobbying power and their hope is that despite the slow pace of movement in Congress, things will gain traction soon.

Frank was slated to introduce the bill in March, but due to economic concerns the bill was introduced only in May 2009. The recession and severe economic downturn has resulted in the further delaying of the bill.

The "Healthcare First" agenda has put aside other promises made by President Obama, including advancing gay rights during his term, which seems to be put on hold until the President's third year in office.
Change is imminent

Gambling industry insiders believe that Frank's proposal will soon gain traction in Congress as the news of the economy on the cusp of a recovery take root.

The hope is that internet gaming will become a regulated industry. This will assist further rapid growth of the economy and in turn create multiple employment opportunities. Frank is determined to see it through till the end.

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