Casino Player Wins $400K in Damages

Published November 17, 2004 by OCR Editor

Casino Player Wins $400K in Damages

Land based casinos that can be found in exciting gambling towns like Las Vegas and Atlantic city are usually fun and exciting places to visit. In most cases the experience is positive (unless of course you lose a large amount of money) and you even get t

For one unlucky gambler, things turned a bit sour at a land based casino when he was mistaken for a cheater. He was awarded a settlement for personal damages due to the physical and mental harm he sustained at the casino. Such problems really don't exist at the online sites.

A District Judge has handed down a $400,000 verdict a jury found was in favor of advantage gambler James Grosjean against the Imperial Palace in a wrongful imprisonment suit. In total he was awarded $99,990 in actual damages on Oct. 22 and $500,000 in punitive damages on Nov. 1, which came out to $300,000 after everything was said and done. Grosjean filed the lawsuit in November of 2001 against the Imperial Palace, Caesars Palace and security company Griffin Investigations due to abuse and wrong doing he faced at the Las Vegas casino.

The case against Imperial Palace where Grosjean was stopped, handcuffed and detained by Imperial Palace security officials for almost an hour, proceeded to court. He was not charged with advantage gambling. Advantage gambling is when a person plays casino games in an unfair manner by cheating somehow such as by card counting.

The security officials acted after a Nevada Gaming Control Board agent allegedly called the security officials and gave them the description of Grosjean and a man they were following who was with Grosjean. The Control Board agent allegedly told the Imperial Palace security officials to contact him if they saw either man.

But the security officials detained Grosjean instead on their own. After calling the Control Board agent -- who allegedly told them to let him go -- the security officials allegedly asked personal information of Grosjean before releasing him.The Caesars Palace portion of the case, which alleges Grosjean and Michael Russo were wrongfully accused of cheating and were improperly arrested is pending in Clark County District Court. No charges were ever filed against the two.

Grosjean's lawyer stated that: historically in this community, casinos have handcuffed and taken (advantage gamblers) to the back room and that's false imprisonment, but the system has turned a blind eye to it for decades. The history is being changed. There are policy manuals that have changed in casinos. The policies say nobody goes to the back room without probable cause."

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