Casino Sponsors Olympic Hopeful

Published April 16, 2006 by OCR Editor

Casino Sponsors Olympic Hopeful

A casino is planning on funding a young gymnast in his quest for Olympic training. It heard of the young man's plea and came to his rescue.

What do a gymnast, a casino and the Olympics game have in common? Not much really, but when a casino decides to make a young gymnast athlete's dreams come true by agreeing to fund his training towards the 2012 Olympic Games, then a strong bond is formed. Ben Brown could not have asked for a better ending to his Olympic training plea when the gambling site agreed to fund his Olympic training.

The casino was made of Brown's plight when he was featured in the official campaign artwork for the London bid where he was seen vaulting the Gherkin building. The young athlete's dreams of aware reaching the London 2012 Olympic Games were in ruins after his training budget was slashed. Brown went on radio stations and began asking people for help to fund his training. His prayers were answered when the casino headed his plea. They agreed to fund Brown back into full-time training in order to see his Olympic dream actualize.

The Head of Marketing said that they were thrilled to be doing this for such a remarkable young man. He said that they invited Brown to their offices, found out about his aspirations and agreed that they would be the ones to fund his Olympic training.

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