Casino War: What Is It Good For?

Published August 16, 2014 by Vlad G

Casino War: What Is It Good For?

Players can play their favorite old-time card game online at All Slots Casino.

All Slots Casino is known for having a wide variety of games which cover every category, not just slots. This of course includes popular card games but it also has some titles which most players are surely familiar with, although not from online casinos.

War is a card game which kids often times enjoy since it only requires a deck of cards and the rules are very easy to learn. Casinos have taken this popular game and made a more modern variation which fits in perfectly on the internet.

Getting Started

In Casino War, the goal is to get a higher ranking card than the dealer. The game starts by placing a bet and then one card is dealt to the player and another card to the house. Cards are ranked as in poker, with 2 having the lowest value and Ace the highest. If you get a higher card than the dealer, you win the bet with a payout of 1:1.

If the two cards have the same value, you can either surrender and get half of the bet back or go to war and add another bet in order to play another round for the initial bet. A second tie will generate a 2:1 payout on the first bet.

Getting Better

All Slots Casino doesn’t just feature this fun card game with realistic graphics but it also makes sure that players are prepared to win by offering guides, tips and strategies. It is possible to learn everything there is to know about Casino War from the website, then practice for free on the casino and then switch over to real money in order to win big.

No matter if you want to relive a childhood game or try a new online option, Casino War is certainly a great fit and remember never to surrender!

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