Casinos Cross Fields of Entertainment

Published December 26, 2006 by OCR Editor

Casinos Cross Fields of Entertainment

The ties between the Internet gambling industry and the world of entertainment are as close as ever. The games themselves are a form of entertainment, in which an audience (of millions or of one) participates actively in a pleasurable activity, namely gam

Watching a match in the English Premiership League this season will likely expose the audience to an online casino logo. The industry has made its way into joining in some way the ultimate entertainment experience of many English soccer matches. At least five teams are wearing sports shirts that carry the logo of a some related company that sponsors the club.

Signs of this bond between forms of entertainment, gambling and soccer, as manifested in team sponsorship, can be found on the shirts of players from Aston Villa, Leeds United, Middlesbrough and Tottenham Hotspur among others. It is likely that spectators who come to seek entertainment on a Saturday afternoon at the soccer stadium go home afterwords and find more entertainment at the computer playing casino games.

The sponsorship, though natural and successful when viewed through the perspective of entertainment, is being looked into by legal authorities. If eventually it will be proven that the these logos on players' shirts target kids in any way, they will have to be removed. When the forms of entertainment soccer and Internet gambling meet a third entertainment channel television the industry's exposure could reach kids, say some.

The relationship, which has been going on so far and will continue until legal authorities decide otherwise, yields great publicity for the industry at large and companies in the industry among the soccer crowds, and yields hefty sums to the clubs in sponsorship deals. In a time where entertainment is closely tied with money, this is a factor not to be taken lightly.

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