Central Europe Takes the Spotlight with a Wonderfully Agile Set of Panels and Panelists at CEGS 2020

Lee R. - March 4, 2020

Central European Gaming Summit 2020 will be interesting, engaging and disruptive to break into the emerging Central European market.

CEGS 2020 is coming up, and offering a host of intriguing panel topics and speakers to get a grip on regional compliance.

The Event

The event Central European Gambling Summit 20 (CEGS 20) takes place from March 10th to 11th at the Magic Place Grant in Bucharest.

First Intriguing Panel

Panels of note include one entitled “Regulatory Compliance, a Necessary Evil or Culture?”

It will feature well-known expert speakers popular from previous seminars and international conferences. Moderated by BMM Government Relations Senior VP André Wilsenach, important issues related to compliance and regulation will be addressed head on.

Featured Panelists

Featured speakers on the panel include Mihai Luca Law Office Partner and consumer law specialist
Teodora Luca, who is also a CEGS 2020 guest speaker on a regional legislation panel entitle Regional Law Environment.

Another speaker is WH Partners Partner Joseph F. Borg, who is also moderating the panel dedicated to modern payment methods entitled “Payment Solutions of Tomorrow.”

A third key panelist is Playtech Chief Policy Officer Francesco Rodano, an expert in engaging with policy-makers and stakeholders in both regulated and emerging markets who advises operating giant Playtech on governmental policies for responsible gambling at local, state, national and EU levels.

Responsible Gaming Worldwide

The “Responsible Gambling Around the World” Panel bears further description as CEGS 20's first International Masters of Gaming Law – IMGL session.

Moderated by Simion and Baciu Law managing partner Cosmina Simion, Cosmina will be hosting Cuatrecasas Partner and multinational ecommerce and IT operator Albert Agustinov, who will be sharing his expertise on intellectual property-related matters, fresh off his recognition as Best Lawyers' Communications Law Lawyer of the Year 2019; and WH Partner Borg.


At the opulent Magic Place Grant, a jewel in Bucharest's magnificent architectural landscape, the insights and discussions at CEGS 2020 promise to be as multi-textured and detailed as the ornate surroundings inside and outside the great hall to provide the pathway to wealth through investment in a rapidly emerging iGaming region.



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