Charles Barkley Pays Wynn to Settle Debt

Published May 26, 2008 by OCR Editor

Charles Barkley Pays Wynn to Settle Debt

Sir Charles has been in the spotlight for his gambling problem and his unpaid debt, but has resolved the case with a check for $400,000.

The retired NBA star, best known for doing things his own way, has finally paid his debt to Wynn Las Vegas. Case closed. Or is it?

Accumulating debt
Charles Barkley had accumulated a considerable gambling debt, as much as $400,000, which he borrowed from Wynn Las Vegas in four installments over the past several months.

He received the loans, each a $100,000 casino marker, on October 18 and 19.

He has paid it in full, not before the story came out, the resort filed a civil complaint and he himself got himself some bad rep on national television.

Case closed
Clark County prosecutor, Chief Deputy District Attorney Bernie Zadrowski, confirmed Barkley is off the hook after sending a $40,000 check to pay statutory and bad check processing fees. Barkley has already paid $400,000 earlier this week for the debt proper.

Wynn Las Vegas had to resort to filing a civil complaint in Nevada state court on May 14.

Foul play
Sir Charles, as the 45 year old former NBA All-Star is known, serves as an analyst for Turner Network Television. Inside the NBA, where he serves as panel member, is widely popular among the sport's fans.

On many occasions, Barkley has proven to have an opinion on matters, which he expresses in colorful terms, at times drawing criticism from those with more sensitive ears.

Rebound master
But will Barkley be able to bounce back from this bad press? Perhaps he can, and then some.

Barkley can help those who have a gambling addiction in solving their problem. He has an opportunity to be the face, the spokesperson and the model for those who seek help.

He will also earn this fan's admiration if he does.

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