Chat Mates to the Rescue

Published February 12, 2003 by OCR Editor

Chat Mates to the Rescue

Online gambling has become a community of friends. The connection made between players has been remarkable.

There are moments of exuberance and moments of great need. To illustrate this, a story surfaced over the web about a woman named Darlene who happened to be online the day she collapsed. She suffers from lupus and is confined to a wheelchair. While in the chat room she suffered a relapse and somehow was able to send a 911 signal to her chat mates. Although she was far away in Canada, her U.S. mates were able to locate the source of her signal and in turn were able to notify the local police in her area for them to respond.

Fellow chat mates were aware of Darlene's illness. She had been complaining of headaches and blurry vision. Darlene said after this episode, "There's a whole group of friends you don't even know coming together to help."

Police responded to the "chat" callers immediately. They found Darlene half conscious on her living room floor. They had forced their way into her house by breaking the front door.

Instead of having to wait for her roommate to arrive the next morning as was her normal habit, the online connection proved to be a "lifesaver" for Darlene.

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