China Forex Expo Coming Back in 2018

Published December 28, 2017 by Sol FH

China Forex Expo Coming Back in 2018

The China Forex Expo is coming back and expecting a massive turnout this coming May.

The 7th edition of the China Forex Expo will be held on May 18-19, 2018. Following a very successful 6th Expo in 2017, with an incredible turnout of over 6,000, another 50,000 hits online, and 600 reviews of the live streaming, this May the organizers are planning for the biggest event to date.

The venue for the 7th China Forex Expo will be the Great China International Exchange Square in Shenzhen, a city of close to 12 million people. The two-day Expo is intended for affiliates, traders, investors, fintech companies and professionals, brokers from around the world, and anyone else that wants to learn about the cutting-edge of Forex in 2018.

New markets like China have become the hotbed for Forex, as MiFID II and ESMA regulations have put a strain on the European markets. This industry has been growing rapidly across Asia with China leading the pack. China’s growing market is a big opportunity for offshore and for local brokers, innovators, financial operators, tech providers, and many other service providers.

Having events like this one tends to bridge the gap between foreign players and local Chinese professionals/investors. In the past, European brokers have not completely understood the intricacies of Chinese culture and business policies, which has literally led to physical altercations between the two. This is one of the main reasons behind hosting these types of offline events. Not to mention the exposure to thousands of new contacts in the Forex industry.

Blockchain, a Hot Topic

There has been a ton of news about cryptocurrencies in China, which will be another central Israel for the Expo. The media reported that China would be ceasing all Bitcoin trading. Attendees will be able to learn more about these revolutionary technologies, and what the Chinese opinion is of them.

The Expo will also include a big space for brokers to meet, show their various products and to socialize with potential partners. There will be free lectures, interesting panel discussions with keynote speakers, and much more.

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