China Right: VMF 2018 Displays Advanced Technologies and Payment Systems

Published January 13, 2018 by Lee R

China Right: VMF 2018 Displays Advanced Technologies and Payment Systems

The more diversified technology becomes, the more other conferences will have to offer iGaming.

In this day and age, conferences with technologies that have ramifications for gaming can crop up in sometimes unexpected places.

Vending Payment Technology

A vending conference in China set to among other things adapt applications of innovative payment systems and even blockchain technology to the vending sector.

New Trend for 2018

New advances in payment system technologies commonly associated with gaming are being cross-applied to other sectors as a defining trend for 2018. 

Event Details

Set to take place March 4-6th at the China Import Export Fair Complex in Guandong, China, the International Vending Machines and Self-service Facilities Fair VMF is building on the popularity of VMF 2018 by doubling the size of the show floor to an estimated 300 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors with a new focus on payment systems and mobile payments. 

Intersection with Gaming?

With a renewed commitment to construction of a comprehensive platform artfully integrating showcase, cooperation, transaction and development, the open-ended nature of VMF 2018 this innovative conference suggests networking with gaming organisations in the near future.

Huge Layout

An estimated 500 booths will cover the exhibition area of more than 10,000 square meters hosting some 150 exhibitors scheduled to include leading regional vendors such as Joyi Vendor, Ubox, Easy-touch, and Junpeng Vending, and Fuji Electric.

Key Exhibit Space

The key exhibits with implications for gaming may well turn out to be the Payment System & Vending Technologies space. Here, technologies increasingly familiar to both on and offline gaming will be on display--including the coin collector/hopper, contactless IC card, non-cash payment system, POS, currency counter, and automatic change machine.


Vending techniques, machines, and technologies are essential components inextricably tied to online and land-based gaming expansion. VMF 2018 looks like a fresh and potentially untapped source for gaming technology and marketing support technology by virtue of the wide range of innovation on the open-ended and diverse exhibition floor, displaying technologies which may be applied to an increasingly diverse range of environments.    

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