China's Crackdown On Illegal Gambling

Sol FH. - February 15, 2021

Illegal gambling operators have until April 30 to confess and avoid serious punishment.

China has issued a warning to illegal gambling operations with the Ministry of Public Safety announcing an amnesty which will protect those individuals who come forward and admit their involvement, by April 30. 

This cease and desist order on cross-border illegal gambling was a joint issue by the Ministry, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Supreme People’s Court, and, is the arm that will fight China's continued illegal gambling battle. 

The offer of amnesty focuses on those that would be prosecuted for organizing or operating illegal gambling, as published in Article 303 of China's criminal laws. Customers would also be targeted, which makes this issue far more complex. 

There will be a punishment, albeit far lesser than what will happen if no admittance is made. All that China wants is a confession, most likely so operators and customers' details can be used in future investigations. 

Wrongdoers will be able to admit to their wrongdoings in person, or, via third-party communication such as email, letter, or phone call. 

Some of the confessions will undoubtedly need to include a name drop or two about others' activity and if that evidence assists in catching more illegal operations, will lighten the punishment.  

There has been word that any illegal operations or play found after April 30 will come with severe punishment. 

There will be police protection to encourage people to come forward and report others' crimes. One of the biggest influencers in this area and reasons not to come forward is out of fear of threats and any retaliation from illegal operators. 

This notice by the Ministry is part of China's ongoing commitment to end cross-border gambling activities. Liao Jinrong, director-general of the Ministry of Public Security is a way for those that need to confess to do so and step away from the life of crime and punishment. 

This will also inhibit future gambling operations. Many Chinese players travel overseas to bet on huge sums of money in an attempt to win big jackpots. China started a pilot program in three provinces, which sets out to limit travel for people who do this. To date, over 35,000 people have been ID'd and punished for their crimes. 


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