Chinese Government Tightens Restrictions On Online Gaming

Daniel B. - November 23, 2016

The Chinese government takes stern measures against online gaming in the country.

Most of us are well aware that the citizens of some modern countries, such as the USA, have been facing restrictions that may seem illogical in recent times. For instance, the American citizens cannot use any online gambling services, which may seem crazy, but what if you were a citizen of China?

The communist run country has been restricting their citizens for decades, with activities such as gambling and pornography heavily restricted and forbidden. Most recently, the Chinese government has imposed a number of penalties for online gaming sites and even live streamers who were deemed to be spreading this contraband material.

Porn In Video Games?

During a routine checkup of over 200 gaming operators, the Chinese Ministry Of Culture found that 36 of them were in violation of the laws of the country concerning gambling and pornography. These games operators were claimed to be spreading materials that are offensive and against social morality.

The Chinese government runs a pretty tight ship, as you can tell, and will be punishing the 36 operators accordingly. For Chinese, who are running the country with an iron fist, any activities that seem like porn or gambling are against the socialist values and need to be snuffed out.

Live Streamers Targeted 

Acting against the online gaming operators may seem harsh, but going against the live streamers seems even more insane. Apparently, some online streamers in China have been promoting online gambling, such as eSports betting on their social channels and live streams, and the Chinese government has started implementing severe punishments against such individuals.

You may be aware of the case of Guo Meimei who was sentenced to five years in prison for promoting such activities on social media even before streaming was a thing and now the Chinese government is imposing even more penalties and censorships on those individuals streaming their gameplay on Twitch and other channels.


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