Choosing a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Admin. - February 19, 2014
Choosing a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

You'll be spending most all your time in Las Vegas in the hotel, so choosing where you stay is key.

Whether it's business or pleasure, Las Vegas is the happy hunting ground for millions of thrill-seekers the world over. Knowing where you are going to stay is important because in Las Vegas you don't leave your hotel to see the sites - your hotel is the site. 

Everything from honeymoon packages at quiet, relaxing resorts to premium business conferences and stunning hotspots is possible. Things like spectacular views, high-speed wireless internet, jacuzzis, fitness centers and spas in the hotels will also factor into the mix. But that's leaving out the biggest draw card of them all - the gambling at the casinos! 

Your budget 

Anything between $20 and $20,000 a night, per room, goes. It's cheaper to stay weekdays than weekends and advance bookings will certainly save you plenty. Remember demand skyrockets during sporting events and conventions, so plan ahead. 

Age group 

The Hard Rock sports a younger crowd but everything is available for all age groups. Expect to find amusement parks, cinemas, theaters and play areas. For older crowds convenience and transport (taxis and monorails) must be considered. Famous resorts have longer check-in times, so bear that in mind. Hours of operation of restaurants and attractions are important factors to consider too. 

Gaming it 

Know your game. 24-7 poker or specialty games are available - research the hotels and what they offer prior to booking. No doubt it's easier finding hotels offering slots and video poker, than it is securing accommodation offering European Roulette or non-traditional poker. 

Styling it 

Attractions, renowned resorts and quality shopping are best found in the strip on Las Vegas Boulevard. But you can find quality establishments both downtown and off the strip. You decide what you're after and Vegas will provide it. Affordable hotels abound, and not all hotels have in-house casinos. Prices vary so shop around. 



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