Christie Attempts Bold Sports Betting Directive in NJ

Published September 10, 2014 by Lee R

Christie Attempts Bold Sports Betting Directive in NJ

The NJ governor's steps now allow sports betting in the state.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has taken a strong and controversial step in the movement to regulate online gambling in New Jersey. The directive issued by his administration calls for, or enables, Garden State casinos and racetracks to provide sports betting.

Sports Betting Controversy

Betting on sporting events remains a huge taboo in the US, due to concerns about the vulnerability of the integrity of US sports leagues to corruption, real or imagined. This is a PR issue as much as a legal issue, and Christie has taken it upon himself to cross a crucial line in New Jersey, one which will undoubtedly be actively opposed by sports leagues in America.

The governor has taken the initiative as a result of recent federal court rulings in New Jersey which removed prohibitions against casinos and horse racing tracks from offering sports betting, as long as they were not sponsored or licensed by the state. Christie has asked federal court to further approve the directive as well.

Professional and collegiate sports leagues are expected to oppose the directive issued through the state attorney general’s office, in a similar fashion in which those leagues' previously opposed the state's efforts to overturn an earlier federal ban on sports betting in all but four states.

Slow Casino Response

As of now, representatives for NJ casinos and tracks generally express no immediate plans to add sports betting, as private companies apparently adopting a wait-and-see attitude in light of the impending opposition. It does seem a huge step, cost-wise, for a largely unresolved issue, as the US Supreme Court did not even rule on the earlier NJ effort to overturn the federal ban.

The directive issued by Christie has been accompanied by the filing of a federal motion requesting that the court modify a ruling that blocked a licensing program for sport betting previously passed in New Jersey.

Current Sports Betting 

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