College Basketball Betting

Published March 10, 2009 by OCR Editor

College Basketball Betting

There really are few things more exciting than a tight game of college basketball. NCAA stars March 17. Did someone say March Madness?

Betting on college basketball is the latest craze to pique the interest of the online gambling public.

More Popular Than the Superbowl?
With a total of some $80 million being bet on this year's National Collegiate Athletic Association's men's basketball championship, betting on the hoops has now outstripped that of the world famous Superbowl.

College basketball is hot, hot, HOT, and it's currently capturing the imagination of the online betting fraternity. And with arrival of March Madness, the college basketball season is getting into full swing.

Illegal Gambling
However, just as a counterpoint to the excitement, a recent poll of leading gambling establishments in the US estimate that for every $10 spent legally on gambling activities, another $1,000 are gambled illegally.

This illicit gambling is viewed with great concern by members of the NCAA as well as law enforcement and national legal authorities. Further concern is voiced at the prospect of players themselves being drawn into the betting and possible point shaving and other match fixing techniques.

Even Facebook is in on the Act
However, there's no stopping this train, and college hoops has even caught the imagination of that Internet phenomenon, Facebook. This is undoubtedly going to attract the attention of tens of thousands of potential fans who could be drawn into this new online betting arena.

Facebook's Bracket Challenge offers prize money for selecting the final four in this year's college basketball competition. It seems that everyone is indeed in on the act. Don't be left in the dressing room... Check out online US collegiate basketball betting.

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