Conference Leader Introduces New Dedicated Lottery Conference in Dubai for 2020

Published December 20, 2019 by Lee R

Conference Leader Introduces New Dedicated Lottery Conference in Dubai for 2020

Eventus has introduced International Lottery Play Summit with a poignant chairperson interview.


Eventus are proud to introduce the chair person of the inaugural International Lottery Play Summit 2020 through an engaging interview.

The Event

From 26 to 27 February 2020 at Dubai's magnificent Crowne Plaza Dubai, the summit will address themes of Regulatory Development; Corporate Social Responsibility approach around the world; Technology Innovations and Marketing Strategies in Lottery.

Conference's Unique Chairperson

Chairperson and keynote speaker/Pharum legal partner Philippe Vlaemminck will launch the event, bringing his 30+ years experience specializing in both EU law (Regulatory and Litigation) and trade law (WTO and anti-dumping) while advising several Member States on EY Law.

More About Philippe

Philippe's vast litigation experience before the CJEU and the EFTA court includes a total of more than 93 cases, while serving as a Member State representative in all 40+ CJEU and the EFTA court gambling cases.

On the Host City

Philippe calls host city Dubai important “as a lot of innovation is taken place here. The lottery industry has always been pioneers both in developing fascinating games and supporting societal changes,” calling the Dubai site a place to “bring happiness and creates opportunities for all stakeholders, whether these are players, suppliers, governments, staff, beneficiaries and even the larger community where they operate according to high standards of integrity and transparency.”

Key Conference Benefit

A key benefit Philippe looks forward to from International Lottery Play Summit Dubai is “getting new ideas for developing lotteries in new areas.”

Fighting Illegal Lotteries

Philippe identifies the current challenges in the lottery sector that can be addressed in Dubai 2020 as

the “growing illegal market,” calling it “detrimental for the large community of beneficiaries in the countries of the world where lotteries play an important societal role.”

Adaptation Focus

Another key issue Philippe is actively involved in is adapting and implementing technologies to the new regulatory environment.

Looking Back..

Philippe fondly recalls his entry into the lottery industry in the 1980's, helping the Belgian Lottery restructure its distribution network to enable the introduction of new technologies.


The changes Philippe has seen since then, and the new conditions for the lottery environment, will be on display at the intriguing new lottery-dedicated conference International Lottery Play Summit Dubai, a spectacle sure to be equal parts opulent and productive and not to be missed by iGaming stakeholders.

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