Council of Legislators from US Gambling States Proposes Standards for Online Gambling

Published May 21, 2014 by OCR Editor

The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States tackles the major concerns of iGaming legalization opponents in the US.

The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States, a group of legislators from states with legalized gambling, has come up with a proposal of standards which could potentially be adopted by states which are on the fence about online gambling legalization. This happens at a crucial point for online gaming in the US, with the bill to restore America's Wire Act introduced to both Houses of Congress. If passed, a categorical ban on online gambling will be placed at the federal level.

The standards proposed by the council shed a different light on the issues related to by the opponents of online gambling in the US. The legislators consulted with New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement which has been dealing with online gaming since legalization in the state last November.

Geolocation Laws

One major concern voiced by online gaming opponents has to do with geographical gripes, with technologies breaking the physical boundaries between states. For that, the council proposes the forming of clear geolocation laws which would prevent any gambling outside the state - these will be based on the existing laws used by Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.

Underage Gambling

Another major is the potential threat for children and teenagers to get drawn into online gambling. The council proposes the installation of protection measures which will bar children and teenagers from online gambling, actively saying that this can be tackled technologically.

Credit Card Issues  

More payment methods should be made available for players in stats which legalize online gambling. This is due to the many problems encountered with credit cards in New Jersey online casinos since these started accepting players.

One major proposal is the establishment of a broad framework for states which adopt legal gambling. The council will convene again to discuss the recommendations next month in San Diego.

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