Croatia Gambling Laws Approved by EU

Published November 21, 2014 by Lee R

Croatia Gambling Laws Approved by EU

An adapted model of legislation will now be submitted to the Croatian government for implementation.

Online gambling regulation continues to spread across Europe. While major countries such as England, German, and the Netherlands have been working on perfecting their online gambling models and legislation, smaller nations are also catching up in the pursuit of increased revenues.

Croatia Cleared

To this end, Croatia has just received clearance from the European Commission for the gambling law proposal the emerging Eastern Europe nation had submitted to the European Union.

The laws will now be introduced to the Croatian national parliament, enabling the country's plans for legalization and opening of the poker market to move forward officially. Legislators will now allow Croatian poker and game players to join gaming websites and register as users. This is different from prevailing models in other larger European countries such as Italy and France which have made only specific sites available to players, in a more closed market situation.


Contingencies for approval include operator compliance with taxation requirements for the country, and applications for a specific gaming license before offering services to Croatian players.

As far as specific logistics, the laws are scheduled to go into effect in 2015, for operators who apply for licensing at the Ministry of Finance and submit a pay a fee worth upwards of $490,000. Operators must also maintain in Croatia a bank deposit of a financial value surpassing the licensing fee, a requirement that enables regulators to insure against any damages that might require revocation or suspension of the license—it also is a great way to ensure full compliance by applicants.

Government benefits include 5% of monthly revenues, with players surpassing 750 HRK in winnings annually submitting 10% of their winnings to the Croatian government, with taxes increasing according to a scale of winnings.

Regulated Gambling Moves Forward Overall

The adapted model of gambling legislation in Croatia stands to contribute to the overall effective evolution of models of gambling for compliance and regulation worldwide.

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