CryptoLogic Online Casinos in a Spin

Published September 7, 2009 by OCR Editor

CryptoLogic Online Casinos in a Spin

Famed Marvel Comics Slot Machines are the mainstay of CryptoLogic gaming.

In a world dominated by multinational corporations, mergers, joint ventures and the like, it comes as no surprise when big deals are brokered.

But online gambling industry pundits were somewhat surprised when news broke of a new multi-billion dollar acquisition of Marvel Entertainment by Disney.

How it affects online gaming?
CryptoLogic - one of the most successful gaming software providers - has been left a tad bemused by the deal. And here's the reason why:
Marvel comics online slot machine games are the backbone of the CryptoLogic enterprise. The new $4 billion deal means that the Disney hold on proceedings may affect the gaming platform.

Fans of CryptoLogic and Marvel Entertainment will note that there was recently a deal signed to perpetuate their long-standing relationship as gaming providers to the world of online casinos.

The Disney angle
Despite Disney acquiring Marvel, there are still contracts in place between CryptoLogic and Marvel for several more years. The impact will not be immediate.

The only concern industry insiders have is the family-oriented, clean image that Disney embraces in respect of their brands.

As yet there is no concrete definition of how deeply Marvel's operations will be run by the Walt Disney Corporation.

CryptoLogic holds its ground
The fear that Hulk and Spiderman may be placed alongside Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell as no R-rated content is unlikely, but always at the forefront of pundits' minds.

Online players are expecting CryptoLogic to hold its ground by retaining online casino rights for the superhero characters.

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