CryptoLogic Suffers Setback

Published November 26, 2005 by OCR Editor

CryptoLogic Suffers Setback

CryptoLogic had previously teamed up with Bet Fair and that in order to provider it with gambling software. But when Bet Fair announced they would soon develop their software in house it ruffled a few feathers at CryptoLogic.

If other online casinos follow this trend and bring their software in-house this could have a profound effect gambling software providers.

The industry relies on the software providers to come up with new and ever changing software that allows players to access their favorite games as often as they like through click and play. CryptoLogic is one of these companies that provides software for the online casinos one of which is Bet Fair. They recently announced they would handle development of gambling software in-house but yet the ties between CryptoLogic and Betfair have not been damaged according to spokespeople for the software company.

CryptoLogic has seen a dip in share value and the loss of a client like Bet Fair could spell trouble. But a senior CEO for CryptoLogic has assured the public that the relations between the two companies has not been damaged: "While Betfair is uniquely positioned with internal expertise, our other customers - who are primarily gaming and or casino organizations - continue to benefit from the greater liquidity, outsourced technical expertise and expanding product offerings developed by CryptoLogic."

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