Czech Drops Iron Fist Against Online Gambling

Published December 18, 2014 by Sol FH

Czech Drops Iron Fist Against Online Gambling

The Czech Republic to treat gambling as it would illegal drugs with new government approved strategy set to start.

The Czech Republic is not willing to let gambling continue to be a regular part of their day to day lifestyle. Instead of exploring the positive outcomes that many forms of gambling could provide, they will soon be treating it like it would serious illicit drugs.

CTK Czech news agency has recently broadcast that national anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil will be enforcing measures that will restrain the public's access to gambling, alcohol and of course drugs.

New policies will only be explored after 2018, the year in which the current strategy is valid. They have even chosen to stop using the word "drugs" and have changed it to "addictive substances and gambling”.

Gambling will not completely be outlawed in the Czech Republic, but as Vobořil pointed out, the citizens have much more exposure to gambling machines than do the citizens of neighboring countries.

Online Gambling Still Big Business

The Czech Republic saw a total of $653 million in bets to licensed online casinos but also saw around the same amount go to foreign, untaxed online gambling platforms.

Problem gambling has been a big issue for the Czech Republic, with over 170,000 adults at high-risk for problem gambling and half that amount with gambling addiction issues.

For now, this is the direction the country is headed and it won't fully understand the impact of the strategy until the program is evaluated at the end of March 2019.

The change will definitely change the countries economy and could be more harmful than anything as gambling has provided revenue for a number of government initiatives and community projects. The people of the Czech Republic may not take this new mission very seriously, as there are still an average of 7.5 machines per 1,000 Czech residents. 

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