Diagnosing Gambling Addiction

Published October 11, 2008 by OCR Editor

Diagnosing Gambling Addiction

Help on diagnosing gambling addiction and the obstacles preventing problem gamblers from seeking help.

Gamblers Anonymous has constructed a 20 question test to help diagnose problem gambling symptoms. The questions are simple, but the answers tell an important story.

So why doesn't every gambler take the test on a regular basis to find out how he or she is doing?

The answer is that they don't take the test, neither do they think of going in search of help often until the addiction hits a vital nerve or organ, meaning the bank account or the family structure. By then, of course, the crisis is upon them and help is ineffective.

According to a study carried out at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, problem gamblers were ‘paralyzed by fear of public stigma and shame' and this prevented them from making any sensible moves. Pride and denial are also part of the equation.

The two-year study is wide and covers many aspects of gambling addiction. It includes different examples of the outcomes of problem gambling, from broken homes to the selling of assets to raise funds to chase losses.

The 300 participants in the study were questioned as to the type and quality of the help that is available, their knowledge about how to look for help and the effectiveness of the assistance when they do finally find it.

The main recommendation arising from the study is the encouragement of problem gamblers to seek help before their addiction hit a crisis. Other suggestions are increasing the awareness of problem gambling and spreading the word that help is readily available.

To read more about problem gambling and to take the diagnostic test, click here


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