Difference between Payouts and Odds

Published February 22, 2006 by OCR Editor

Difference between Payouts and Odds

When making the distinction between the different casino games available at the online casino, most people like group games into categories such as table games, progressive games, card games, etc. This distinction also applies when discussing online casin

Every online casino game has a payout average, meaning that the casino keeps track of how much money went from the casino back into the pocket of the players. Don't confuse payouts with odds. The payouts report doesn't reflect your odds of winning at a certain game.

Usually, the payout average is measured in percentage and most casinos mark it in the high 90's. For example, if the casino is averaging a 97% payout for slots, it doesn't mean that you are going to win 97% of the time. All it means that the casino paid out 97%, out of the total amount of money wagered on slots by the players. Odds have nothing to do with the payout average. For instance, the odds of winning at slots is regarded as lower than the odds of winning at video poker, which isn't to say that an online casino can't average a higher payout percentage for slots games than video poker games.

When deciding which game to play, it's recommended that you go with the one that offers you better odds than the one that has a higher payout average. Unlike payouts, odds don't fluctuate from one month to the other and if you are skilled at playing the casino game, you can even improve them, which cannot be said for payouts.

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