Don’t We Just Love/Hate Paddy Power?

Published May 16, 2012 by OCR Editor

Don’t We Just Love/Hate Paddy Power?

Another TV ad banned by the ASA.

Not again! Yes, again.

Paddy Power has a tradition of releasing funny, brazen, even brass TV ads. The latest advert features a horse racing track, a crowd of women, and some transgenders for good meaure.

The "transgender TV ad" was banned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The TV advertisement was released in February, ahead of Ladies' Day at the Cheltenham Festival earlier this year. It was aired on Channel 4 and Sky, among other TV broadcasters, then removed, following many complaints by viewers. It was then banned altogether from broadcasting.

The advert makes a play on the words "stallions" and "mares" and shows a woman walking out from the men's toilets. Though funny, it's clearly offensive.

Popular Nonetheless

Hundreds of complaints were filed to the ASA, and several hundred thousands views were registered on YouTube.

Paddy Power may have been disappointed by the ASA decision, and saddened that viewers were offended, but it must be pleased with the popularity it hit.

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