Doubling Up to the Million Dollar Club

Published October 31, 2006 by OCR Editor

Doubling Up to the Million Dollar Club

Online casinos have done it again. Players hear the talk of big prize winners and seek the giant jackpots themselves. Then, one clear day, someone becomes a happy person.

This week, another millionaire was born, or rather made. The winner, a man from England, played Jacks or Better video poker, doubling up over and over again, a total of 16 times, and making $1,310,720. His initial bet? A mere five dollars!

The Englishman cum millionaire was playing $1 Jacks or Better. At the time of his winning session, he was wagering $5 at a time. After winning his first hand, he was given the option to double up. Doubling up is a special feature at the gambling websites, in which there is no house edge involved, and chances are a fair 50/50. From here on it was all luck, and the lucky man proceeded to double up successfully 16 times in a row.

The big winning has proved that the sites are truly rewarding for those who gamble. Not big sums, but a big-time attitude. "I'm a gambler," the winner said after the winning. "I thought about cashing out after breaking $40,000, but decided to continue." A true gambling spirit and another millionaire entering the distinguished Million Dollar Club.

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