DraftKings Expands its Offerings to eSports

Published October 7, 2015 by Lee R

DraftKings Expands its Offerings to eSports

A new movement into the trending eSports gambling scene will expand DraftKings into Asia.

Hot online gambling site DraftKings is expanding it services beyond professional baseball and American football, according to what they have told Re/code.

New Realm

As of next month, DraftKing users will be able to test their fantasy skills in what is called the realm of eSports. This new service is scheduled to debut in time for the October kickoff of the League of Legends World Championship.

This comes along the additional heels of DraftKing's new in-event promotion agreements sponsorships with six eSports teams.

Entering Asia

The challenge that still faces DraftKings is the simple matter of 60 percent of the $600 million eSports industry still being centered in Asia while DraftKings only holds licensing rights to operate in North America.

However, this also means that eSports is a good fit for future expansion for DraftKings, whom have conquered the North American market in the virtually eye-blink of roughly one year's time.

As DraftKings Chief Revenue Officer Matt Kalish explained to Re/code, "We certainly have global ambitions here and want to be operating in as many countries as possible and as quickly as possible.”

Adaptive Marketing?

Kalish further explained that the overall strategy of his company is international in scope and ambition, so eSports looks like the perfect springboard for a DraftKings launch into Asia. DraftKings can only hope that their obliterative approach of near constant gambling ads will work in Asian countries who do hold a stronger cultural priority for restraint in communication.

That being said, the marketing approach will be tested first in another country with a more restrained culture in the UK, where prominent online betting operators such as bet365 and Winner Sports already offer eSports to punters. DraftKing's ability to expand will certainly be impacted by the effectiveness of the adaptations in marketing that DraftKings makes in the manner in which it attaches its name and marketing messages to eSports under the new agreement.


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