DWG's LuckyTap™ Shakes Up the iGaming Industry

Published February 8, 2023 by Brett C

DWG's LuckyTap™ Shakes Up the iGaming Industry

Design Works Gaming (DWG) Introduces Groundbreaking LuckyTap™ Product Line to the iGaming Industry. LuckyTap™ changes the game with its no-reel, no-spin approach and offers a unique and intuitive gaming experience that attracts players of all ages and genders. The future of gambling begins with the dramatic advances seen with LuckyTap™.

DWG's LuckyTap™ is quite possibly the future of iGaming. Simplicity and success-based mechanics have earned LuckyTap™ a place among the top-performing online casino games in regulated markets. With a growing list of exclusive titles from BetMGM, William Hill and Golden Nugget, LuckyTap™ is the must-play game for anyone looking for a fresh and exciting gambling experience.

DWG's LuckyTap™: A Revolutionary Approach to iGaming

DWG's LuckyTap™ has been making waves in the iGaming Industry, offering a fresh take on traditional slot games. With its innovative design, the product line is attracting players of all ages (18+) and genders.

DWG CEO Troy Zurawski said,

DWG has redefined the iGaming Industry with our latest innovation, LuckyTap™. Instead of relying on traditional gambling models, we have opted for a new approach centred around success-based mechanics. This departure has resulted in a more intuitive and thrilling experience for players.

No more confusion or complicated paytables, just a clear understanding of how to win and how much you win with every round, like tossing a coin, throwing a football, or hitting a pinata. LuckyTap™ has eliminated the steep learning curve found in most gambling games, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

DWG's Unique Approach to Game Design

DWG's game design team took a unique approach to create LuckyTap™. After studying human behaviours and game data, the team infused their findings into the game concept and development process. DWG Game Design Manager Dustin Bozovich added:

We observed that all players care about is whether they win or lose. So we removed the barrier of symbols and lines to get players to the result faster and cut out the confusion.

LuckyTap™ Tops the Charts

LuckyTap™ has caught the attention of major operators in the US and UK due to its chart-topping performance and popularity among players. With its revolutionary product line, operators are working with DWG to create exclusive LuckyTap™ games to gain an edge over their competition.

DWG's Future Plans

DWG has already released 30 LuckyTap™ games into the US and UK markets, with plans to release 15 new titles in the next 12 months. In addition, the game studio is talking with several major brands about leveraging the power of LuckyTap™ using their IP.

About DWG

DWG, a game development company, is led by its CEO and founder, Troy Zurawski. With roots in a family of casino professionals that dates back to 1940s Las Vegas, Zurawski has extensive experience in the gambling industry.

Recognizing the limitations in traditional game development due to factors such as sales, manufacturing, distribution, and bureaucracy, Zurawski founded DWG in 2005, intending to create an independent studio that could respond quickly to market demands.

With his passion for efficient and affordable game development, Zurawski assembled a talented team that can experiment and take chances, resulting in unique and successful content for players.

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