End of Danish Online Gambling Monopoly

Published May 3, 2008 by OCR Editor

End of Danish Online Gambling Monopoly

The European trend of regulating online casinos in the various countries has caught up with Denmark too.

Denmark's municipal court has ruled recently that online poker tournaments are legal. This as well as several other elements, have contributed to the decision to loosen Denmark's ban on online gambling.

It's Official
Denmark's Minister for Taxation, Kristian Jensen, said in a radio interview that the country is looking into reform of the online casino industry.

The new policy would require foreign bookmakers to "live up to the strict regulations we Denmark have for those who want to offer legal gambling in Denmark," the Minister said.

European Court of Justice
Poland, which has recently announced its change in policy towards online gambling, France, Holland and Germany, which have also shown signs to different extant in this direction, have all been under fire recently for their monopolistic practices.

A European Court of Justice decision regarding the Italian protectionist policy, which ruled against the use of criminal law to ban online casinos located elsewhere in Europe, reported here in March 2007, has led to the pragmatist approach by Denmark.

Danish Gamblers
The news is highly significant, mainly for the large number of online gamblers based in Denmark, and the Scandinavian region at large. Danes alone count for approximately 250,000 gamblers.

Soon will come the day when online gambling companies based in European Union countries will be able to compete in Denmark, and Danes will have more choices to gamble online, other than at the state-run monopoly Danske Spil.

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