Entertainment and You

Published October 13, 2006 by OCR Editor

Entertainment and You

If you like to read entertainment news, then you will likely be also intrigued about the industry's entertainment news. Now you might be wondering what the hell the sites are doing talking about entertainment, but the fact of the matter is that in Europe,

Gamblers gobble up entertainment news because it is much easier to place wagers on odds about gossipy topics if you know what the chances are that one movie star will date or break up wth another. At the sports books, which don't always focus just on sports, entertainment odds and bets are big business.

There are a lot of people who look at online casinos as superficial and dangerous, and then there are those who look at the entertainment industry the same thing. Whatever your personal opinion on either issue may be, there is no shortage of willing gamblers who will place a bet on a pop diva's baby's name or how many episodes a certain new TV series will be able to show on a certain network. And while we're on the subject, gambling itself can be considered a form of entertainment, as easy to get addicted to as a star's life story but not as easy to stop doing. This is of course an issue all on its own, but we won't really go too much into it right now.

You needn't worry about entertainment news if you feel that it doesn't affect you at all. But you would be surprised to discover, if you had no interest at all, how much of an effect it does have on those who pay the money which is the fuel that keeps the online gambling industry afloat. With the center of online gambling likely moving to the United Kingdom following US laws being passed in Congress limiting gambling activities on the web, it might be one day that the majority of bets on the doings and sayings of Hollywood stars are placed outside of America.

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