Epoxy.ai Unveils AI-Based iCasino Solution to Transform Online Gaming Experience.

Published September 17, 2023 by OCR Editor

Epoxy.ai Unveils AI-Based iCasino Solution to Transform Online Gaming Experience.

Epoxy.ai, a pioneer in AI and machine-learning personalization, has announced a groundbreaking iCasino solution. Aimed to revolutionize the online gaming experience, the new offering employs cutting-edge technology for unparalleled personalization in the casino industry.

In a significant move to shake up the iCasino industry, Epoxy.ai, the leading AI and machine-learning personalization software provider, has launched its latest product: a personalized iCasino solution. With a successful record in the sports betting and media sectors, the company is now broadening its reach into the popular gaming vertical.

The newly launched iCasino solution harnesses advanced AI and machine-learning methodologies, similar to the technology behind significant entertainment platforms like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Video. Unlike traditional casino platforms that offer a singular experience for all users, Epoxy.ai's iCasino aims to deliver uniquely tailored content based on individual player preferences.

Epoxy is committed to driving differentiation in the market by continually expanding our product offerings,

said Jason Angelides, Co-Founder and President of Epoxy.

Our iCasino solution is a logical step in the evolution of our business, and it brings the power of AI and machine learning to an industry craving personalized, engaging experiences.

The focus of Epoxy.ai's technology is twofold: to place personalized content in front of players and to provide casino operators with a proprietary analytics suite. This suite concentrates on critical business metrics such as player retention, engagement, and revenue generation. The system is designed to easily integrate with existing CRM platforms and bonus engines used by casino operators. This ease of integration means that Epoxy.ai can offer fully customized player bonuses and unique player lobby interfaces through integrated metadata analysis and mapping tools.

Moreover, the company's proprietary AI and machine-learning algorithms enable operators to configure each player's experience based on their unique behavior and preferences, thus aligning with the business strategies of key partners. This high level of customization is further supported by Epoxy.ai's APIs, which manage the entire customer journey, from acquisition to ongoing lifecycle management and retention.

We're giving our partners the unique ability to add value across multiple engagement systems,

added Angelides.

This isn't just about personalization; it's about creating a sustainable, profitable business model through smart, data-driven decision-making.

According to industry insiders, the advent of such personalized iCasino solutions has the potential to set new standards for player engagement, acquisition, and retention, disrupting the traditional paradigms that have governed the industry for years.

Epoxy.ai is already known for its market-leading AI-based engagement platforms, boasting partnerships with prominent brands like AWS, Kambi, Playtech, and NASCAR. Its primary focus has consistently been delivering experiences unique to end-users, making player engagement its core objective. This focus is evident in the company's latest iCasino product, which aims to boost acquisition and retention globally through AI-based personalization.

Epoxy's new iCasino offering represents a watershed moment in the digital gaming landscape. By leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities, the company aims to redefine what's possible regarding personalization and engagement, potentially revolutionizing the iCasino industry for years to come.

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