Eric Cantona Ad Shut Down by ASA

Published October 14, 2008 by OCR Editor

Eric Cantona Ad Shut Down by ASA

Eric Cantona gets relegated from his prime-time slot as ASA pulls yet another gambling commercial from the airwaves.

The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom certainly have their hands full at the moment. They have recently pulled another commercial from British television for it supposedly portrays gambling as a way of dealing with personal problems. In short, the commercial was deemed to be in poor taste. The other commercial pulled by the ASA recently was one by Pokerstars. That ad portrayed gambling as an activity capable of giving confidence to people.

The public has reacted with criticism to the ruling, fearing that too much censorship is as bad as what the ASA is trying to prevent. Eric Cantona, the British footballer, was the star of the failed campaign. Those responsible for the ad, Partouche Betting, supposedly meant no harm. According to them, they were merely trying to create a cheerful commercial following England's miserable 2008 Euro outcome.

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