eToro - Play the Stock Market

Published July 26, 2010 by OCR Editor

eToro - Play the Stock Market

Social forex is here to stay. Time to join.

Describing eToro to the uninitiated isn't so hard. It is simply the place where the forex market meets social networking.

This fascinating hybrid is a great way to learn how to play the markets and take a gamble on foreign currency exchange rates, hopefully to your own financial gain.

Play the Market

eToro brings the previously mysterious and somewhat intimidating world of forex out into the open. This new website almost resembles a game and is interactive, fast-paced and totally live.

You can use the site to play the market by buying and selling different currencies. Just like online gambling you can win or loseso the same safety rules apply: don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.

Great for beginners or professional traders, eToro follows three simple steps:

  • See what real people are trading in real time.
  • Find and follow traders.
  • Copy instantly the trades you like.

Find and Follow

eToro provides market players with an online forex trading platform that is simple to use and has a social edge where you can 'like', 'comment' or 'follow' fellow traders. This social trading application allows investors to find traders that are of interest to them; maybe from the same country, who buy and sell from similar companies or who just have a good track record. You are able to follow the deals of bookmarked users and eToro makes it easy for you to copy their actions if you wish to do so.

Users benefit from each others knowledge and market insights. The site also includes performance analysis and trading pattern logs for both your own and other's performances, alongside all the standard social interaction features.

You can find traders to follow by looking up profile information or checking out their rankings. Newbies can take advantage of practice accounts using virtual money as well get genned up via the handy forex guides for beginners.

eToro provides a happening hub for social trading and is not only good for experienced traders but is a modern way to learn the ropes by watching others.

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