Euro 2020 Qualifying: Germany vs. Northern Ireland

Published November 19, 2019 by Sol FH

Euro 2020 Qualifying: Germany vs. Northern Ireland

Ten matches on the card tonight, as the Euro 2020 Qualifiers continue from 19:45 GMT.

The Euro 2020 qualifiers are in full swing and tonight we have the opportunity to watch the final ten matches of the qualification round. The biggest match of the night has to be between Northern Ireland and Germany. N. Ireland was held to a heartbreaking draw with the Dutch, who sealed their fate in the next round, while N. Ireland will need to play in a playoff match in March 2020. 

Steven Davis missed a golden opportunity to take a 1-0 lead during the 31-minute of play, but, he missed the penalty shot terribly over the goal, much to the disappointment of their fans. After the second half did not show any improvement on either side, the match ended in a draw giving the Netherlands the one-point they needed to advance. 

Tonight, Northern Ireland takes on the Group leaders, Germany, who has been plagued by injury and poor attendance. In their first match, Germany beat N. Ireland 0-2 and they are once again big favorites to win this second meeting. The match begins tonight at 19:45 GMT from Frankfurt, where Germany seldom does anything other than a win. The injuries are mounting up through for the home team, giving N. Ireland a chance to level out the playing field and take some daring chances at the German goal. Either way, tonight will be an action-packed match as both teams will be trying to get the win. 

Euro 2020 Online Betting

10bet Sports is one of the online sportsbooks that is offering very competitive odds ahead of this match. Prior to first-touch, the Germans are at 1.13 to win the match outright, while N. Ireland is at 13.75 if they can pull off the stunner. 10bet Sports will be offering live in-play bets throughout the match and punters will be able to take advantage of those interactive bets as the clock ticks. 

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