EuroMillions Lottery Winner Identity Unknown

Published October 21, 2010 by OCR Editor

EuroMillions Lottery Winner Identity Unknown

Who was the lucky lotto winner?

The world of gambling was stunned when the £113 million lottery jackpot was won by a single lottery player on October 8. We waited and waited, as the money could have gained thousands in interest, and the winner hadn't stepped up.

Well, we are now told that the winner contacted Camelot 10 days after the EuroMillions numbers were announced. Camelot confirmed the winning ticket and obtained proof of the ticket owner's valid purchase. A few hours later the winner became one of the richest persons in England.

Little else is known, however. The winner chose to remain anonymous. Camelot agreed to play along. This reminds us of the last big winners from May 2010, who won £84 million and were never named.

Winner advisers are at work assisting the lucky winner. Reasons to remain anonymous are many, not least of them the storm of people from all walks of life will be knocking on the winner's door asking for a cut.

Rumors have the ticket bought in Coventry, but even that is not known for sure. Perhaps you will find your neighbor driving a new Ferrari around your neighborhood?

Perhaps it will be you?

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